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Brad DeLong (@braddelong):
The Kochtopus vs. Those Individuals Now Seized of the Cato Institute; or, No Libertarians in Foxholes Department
“[T]he delicious irony is that the arguments against the Kochtopus–powerful and convincing arguments–are not libertarian but rather Burkean, communitarian, and social democratic ones, and thus arguments that no true libertarian could ever possibly make.”

Julian Sanchez (@normative): Like Rain on Your Wedding Day
“I’m not arguing that Congress should intervene somehow. I’m arguing that exercising those rights as they seemingly intend to is a bad idea; that their direct control would, in itself, be damaging to Cato’s credibility; and that I’m not interested in working for the Republican talking-point factory that all evidence suggests they envision. Like rain on your wedding day and other infamous Alanisisms, that’s kind of crappy, but not “ironic” in any recognizable sense. I realize progressives think libertarianism is just code for uncritical worship of rich people, but as that’s not actually the case, the only irony here is that people think they’re scoring some kind of gotcha point when they’re actually exposing the silliness of their own caricature.”

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