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Neil deGrasse Tyson (@neiltyson): How Space Exploration Can Make America Great Again
“When everyone agrees to a single solution and a single plan, there’s nothing more efficient in the world than an efficient democracy.” . . . “The problem is that many people operate on the assumption that NASA should go to Congress every year with hat in hand and justify it every year. Well, I see it as the greatest economic driver that there ever was. Economic drivers don’t need justification.”

Katherine Mangu-Ward (@kmanguward): Neil deGrasse Tyson Is Wrong About NASA
“Wrong. The space program has been a laughable mess for years now, sending elderly (and occasionally combustible) space busses back and forth to an increasingly pointless space station carrying ”ant farms, recycled-urine-based finger paints, and other science fair experiments.” And now NASA can’t even do that.

This isn’t because the democratic consensus behind the space program has fractured, or because there’s not enough money. It’s because no one knows what we’re doing up there, so they fall back on exaggerating the job creating/social justice promoting/kid inspiring that the space program is supposed to be doing down here.” . . . “More wrongness: Economic drivers don’t need justification, unless they are part of our massive, out-of-control federal budget.

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