ROUND II: The Enstupification Of The American Mind.

Piers Morgan (@PiersMorgan):
“Wow. I’m sure you can explain this, right @Toure ? Touré, 9/11 Truther

Toure (@Toure):
“Easily @piersmorgan. I’ll do so right after you explain why you & James Hipwell stole several hundred thousand pounds. I’ll wait.”

PM: “@Toure facts aren’t your strong point, are they mate? That’s what I meant when I said you’re not a proper journalist. Maybe try a course?”

PM: “Seriously @Toure – give them a call. Want to help you, mate.

T: “Note: I’ve repeatedly said “@piersmorgan hacked into phones & private voice mails” and never once did he say “I did not.” Bc he did.”

PM: “@Toure In answer to your questions: 1) No, I did not. 2) No, I did not. Can I ask you one now? Q. Ever considered anger management classes?”

T: “.@piersmorgan At Columbia J School do they teach people to hack phones & manipulate newspapers in order to steal money—as you’ve done?”

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